ROYAL ULTRA 865M High Performance Multi-Purpose HD Extreme Pressure, Premium Grease with Moly 5 · Extended service life of equipment · Excellent performance under heavy and shock loads · Wide temperature operability · Protects equipment from rusting under humid and water ingress conditions. · Outstanding performance in Mining, Oilrigs, Steel Mills, and other industries under severe operation conditions. Royal Ultra 865M grease is a heavy-duty extreme pressure grease exhibiting outstanding film strength and resistance to corrosive saltwater environments. With it's excellent water repellency, oxidation resistance and a wide operating temperature range, Royal Ultra 865M is also an obvious choice for virtually any multi-purpose or extreme pressure application. Royal Ultra 865M meets and exceeds the demanding automotive and industrial testing requirements of ASTM D 4950, earning it the GC-LB classification by the National Lubricating Grease Institute. Royal Ultra 865M is recommended for use in logging and hauling industries and any place where a shear stable, high load carrying, corrosion resistant grease is required.

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