TOSS ONE Bleach is a super concentrated bleaching agent designed to deliver maximum results while controlling costs. This highly concentrated powder pouch will quickly and easily produce an abundance of hard-hitting bleach action. isn’t necessary to tear open the rapidly dissolves in water. These easy-to-use pouches combine accuracy and control for maximum performance and cost-effectiveness. TOSS ONE Bleach can be used in conjunction with powder or liquid detergent that doesn’t contain a bleaching agent. DIRECTIONS: FOOD INDUSTRY: Use TOSS ONE Bleach as a stand-alone bleaching agent or as an enhancement to other compatible detergents, which do not contain a bleaching agent. Place one (1) pouch of Bleach into sink along with compatible dishwashing or degreasing detergent. Allow cutting boards or other items to soak. Wash, rinse, and sanitize in usual manner. LAUNDRY OPERATIONS: TOSS ONE Bleach is concentrated bleach for use in regular sized laundry machines. May be used in conjunction with a powder or liquid laundry detergent that doesn’t contain a bleaching agent. Place one (1) pouch in the washer along with the detergent. Partially fill the washer with water before depositing the laundry to be washed. For separate bleaching operation, place one (1) pouch of TOSS ONE Bleach in a container and add one (1) gallon of water. Then deposit items to be bleached. 300 - 1 oz. pouches

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