AC-25 Acidic Detergent System,  is a combination of mild acids including Phosphoric and Citric combined with a low to moderate foaming surfactant to produce a cleaner that can be used to remove rust and scale from stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. Contains no harsh acids such as Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric or Sulfuric. In use dilution, it is harmless to paint and rubber producing no objectionable fumes. Works well to demineralize cooking equipment, dishwashers and ice machines. Also use to etch concrete prior to sealing it. Use in dairies to remove calcium deposits and milkstone; animal shelters for brightening cages and urine scale removal. Dilution ratios range from 1 part product to 3 to 10 parts water or more depending upon application. Note: In all uses, thorough rinsing is required. AC-25 is a highly effective acidic detergent system. It combines a variety of components which will quickly strip away acid soluble contaminates. Industrial and institutional applications for this formulation are extensive.  AC-25 will not harm pipes or drains.

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