Circuit Wash Aerosol

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A high purity, high dielectric, rapidly evaporating, non-flammable aerosol spray contact and circuit board cleaner. Specially formulated for removing oil, grease, condensation, dust and other particulate matter from sensitive electronic parts. Quick drying formula will not harm most plastics, paints or rubbers. N0N-FLAMMABLE •NON-CORROSIVE • SAFE ON MOST PLASTICS • DRIES FAST • ZERO RESIDUE • EPA SNAP APPROVED • VOC EXEMPT • 30,000 VOLT DIELECTRIC STRENGTH USE ON:Circuit Boards, Wire Terminals,Relays,Switches,Contacts,Circuit Breakers, Tuners,Potentiometers, Cable Ends and Receptacles, Control Panels,Motors and other Electronic and Electrical Equipment. See the label for complete list of applications.

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