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Fiverline is Traffic Lane Pre-Extraction Concentrate and Bonnet Cleaning Compound for Carpet and Upholstery; it conditions,enhances color, cuts grease. Using Fiberline before cleaning with water extraction, dry foam or rotary shampoo systems produces faster results, assures removal of greasy soil and gives greater uniformity. With Fiberline, risk of shrinkage is reduced by reducing the quantity of water required to clean the carpet. Safe for use on Fifth Generation Carpets. Using a pump-up sprayer, mist traffic lanes and badly soiled spots sufficiently to dampen all soil with Fiberline solution. Allow 5 minutes and then clean. To Spot Clean Mix solution and spray area with trigger sprayer. Blot up with clean cotton cloth. Do not rub. Flush with water. Blot dry with white towel. Bonnet Cleaning 1. Mix 8-16 ounces per gallon of warm water, apply with a pump-up sprayer. Spray area to be cleaned. Do not over saturate. Allow 5 minutes dwell time. 2. Spray bonnet with a moderate amount of solution. Place under floor machine and pass over carpet. Cleaning solution will dry in 10-15 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

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