Film Fyter

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Our professional strength vehicle detergent system that contains no harsh chemicals that can damage painted surfaces (when used according to label directions), aluminum and other metals. Hard to remove road film is no match for this ultra-concentrated, biodegradable detergent. Contains no strong alkalies, no acids, no solvents and no phosphates. Ideal for use in all types of car washes including tunnel, roll over, hybrid combinations and totally touch free. Also works well as a stage two cleaner in a two-part vehicle washing system. Contains special additives to enhance free and complete rinsing. Can be used safely in a prep gun, presoak arch, foam arch or main detergent applicator in dilutions ranging from 1 to 30 to as high as 1 to 100. Companies that have car and truck fleets, truck washes, equipment leasing and rental companies as well as all types of car washes (rollover, touch-free, hybrid, self-service and full-service tunnels) will use this versatile and economical product.

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