Foam Brite

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This high foaming, phosphoric and citric acid cleaner has no fumes. It removes a variety of acid soluble soils that contaminate surfaces in food processing plants. Effective of hard water scale and detergent residues that dull metals and cooking equipment. It should be used at regular intervals in a complete cleaning program on all stainless steel equipment, cutters, blades, grinders and choppers. This formula also contain quaternary ammonium chlorides. Also cleans concrete floors, tile and grout in floors and walls including terrazzo and quarry tile. Start dilutions at 1 part to 25 parts water and adjust according to the surface to be cleaned and the soil load. Can be used in foam applicators such as our Millenium 2000 foamer along side an alkaline cleaner such as U.S. Choice.

This product is hazardous accordingly to DOT regulations, hazardous shipping charges will apply to your order.

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