Force 200

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Force 200 Degreasing Solvent · EXCELLENT CABLE CLEANER · NON-FLAMMABLE · FAST DRYING FORMULA · ZERO RESIDUE · DIELECTRIC STRENGTH OF 31,000 VOLTS Force 200 is an excellent energized electrical cleaner, degreaser. It dries quickly and is residue-free. It quickly removes dirt, grease, wax, grime, adhesives and many other soils. High dielectric strength and non-flammability make this degreaser safe for use on energized electrical equipment while in operation such as motors, relays, switches, generators, control panels, and utility cables. Force 200 can be sprayed into electrical equipment while in operation for complete and convenient cleaning. It helps improve electrical properties and efficiencies by removing contaminants. Force 200 quickly removes sticky cable filling and flooding compounds, lubricants, gels, greases, c-cement, and other petroleum-based products from cable, splices, and utility work tools. Force 200 removes water-blocking compounds, carbon and other contaminants from splices on telecom, electrical, fiber optic, and CATV cables.  

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