Grill Thrill

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A powerful, thickened stove and oven cleaner fortified with Potassium Hydroxide to quickly emulsify grease, oil, burnt on carbon deposits and other tenacious soils. It is ready-to-use and clings to vertical surfaces to prevent overuse of product and maximize its effectiveness. Use on ovens, stoves, grills, hoods, baking pans, chrome, stainless, porcelain, glass and other surfaces. This non-flammable, straw colored liquid can be brushed, sprayed or poured, allowing it to remain on the surface for five to ten minutes, wiped off and rinsed thoroughly. Because this is a very aggressive material, the use of gloves and other personal protective equipment is essential. Look at the label for complete directions. Schools, colleges and universities, restaurants, commercial kitchens, fast-food operations, cafeterias and government installations where cooking takes place can all use this product.

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