Our heavy-duty, caustic, powdered vat stripper and radiator cleaner. It completely removes grease, oil, rust, paint and carbonized soils from iron and steel parts. Do NOT agitate this material solution as it could excessively foam and overflow the tank. Engine blocks, generators and other hard metal parts can be cleaned and stripped of rust using this product at dilutions ranging from ¼ to ½ pound per gallon of HOT water. Also works in cold water at about 1 lb. per gallon. To mix safely, premix the solution in pails into a slurry and then add slowly into the vat, manually agitating the mixture. Also contains corrosion inhibitors to retard flash rusting when removing the clean, bare metal from the vat. This highly active material is usually more concentrated than competitive products making it economical. It can be sweetened by adding additional concentrated slurry extending the like of the solution considerably. Not designed for use on aluminum and other soft or galvanized metals.

This product is hazardous accordingly to DOT regulations, hazardous shipping charges will apply to your order.

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