This very effective heavy-duty cleaner is made without any harsh alkalies. It contains no caustics, butyl or other glycol ethers. It is a permanent grease and oil emulsifier that is non-flammable and biodegradable. This means no reporting of this outstanding cleaner for SARA Title III purposes. This formula is designed to eliminate the redepositing of oily soils onto the just cleaned surface. It rinses easily and completely and contains corrosion retardants to protect metals against oxidation. Use manually or in a steam cleaner, pressure washer or foam applicator for uses in the marine, transportation, agriculture or food industry. Supermarkets, commercial kitchens, used restaurant equipment companies, new and used car dealers and more will use this versatile product. Dilution rates vary based on the surface to be cleaned and the soil load and type. Start at 1 to 15 parts water and adjust accordingly.

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