Orange Grip 4000 ml

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Our premium, non-petroleum, heavy-duty, self-emulsifying hand cleaner with a pleasant citrus fragrance. The micro pumice scrubbers offer deep-cleaning action to remove tenacious soils including grease, grime, ink, adhesive and tar. It is a thick orange gel with a pleasant citrus fragrance. Super fortified with Aloe Vera, glycerin and lanolin to provide superior skin protection. Ideal for those who wash their hands several times a day. It also contains PCMX, a widely established anti-microbial agent. Contains D’Limonene, a natural citrus solvent. Used by mechanics, printers, asphalt workers, auto shops, truck repair companies, manufacturing plant workers and more. Apply to dry hands, work in thoroughly and rinse easily and completely. Use with our “Plunger” dispenser for economical dispensing.

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