Ovec Aerosol

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An aerosol heavy duty foaming oven cleaner that clings tenaciously to vertical surfaces to break loose even the toughest baked-on soils. The citrus formula eliminates the nauseous odors associated with most oven and grill cleaners. Works well on hoods, ovens, smokers and grills in removing even carbonized grease and residue without scraping, brushing or scouring. A warm surface will increase the effectiveness. Spray on, let stand for five to ten minutes and wipe off. Follow with a wet rag to rinse clean with no residue. Do Not use on aluminum, painted surfaces or copper. Care should be taken to prevent overspray onto linoleum, asphalt or vinyl tile floors. Use in commercial kitchens, marine food pantries, food processors, and restaurants.
VOC Compliant In All 50 States | VOC = 5%

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