QC Lube Aerosol

High Voltage Switchgear Cleaner & Lubricant · CLEANS, PENETRATES & LUBRICATES · PREVENTS CORROSION · USE ON STATIONARY CONTACTS & TERMINALS · 31,000 VOLT DIELECTRIC STRENGTH PER (ASTM D877) · NON-FLAMMABLE · DRIES FAST · ZERO RESIDUE QC LUBE is a one-step cleaner and lubricant, that penetrates to coat contacts and provide corrosion protection on switchgear blade mechanisms. QC LUBE includes High Purity Solvents for cleaning and a special grade silicone for lubricating. Removes grease, dirt, oil and operating erosion from all electro-mechanical devices. Safe for use on metering, distribution and substation class switchgear contacts, including URD and OVH applications. QC LUBE protects against atmospheric contaminant buildup that can cause sticking blades or contacts, and does not degrade seals, gaskets, and most plastic insulators making it safe for use on most rubber and plastics. QC LUBE, a multi-purpose silicone spray that forms an oxygen barrier and helps reduce corona cutting and weather checking on rubber equipment. QC LUBE also reduces surface creepage due to wet weather and high humidity.

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