Red Tornado

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A powerful, granular alkaline sewer solvent compound specifically formulated to clear blockages from sewer lines, drain lines, lift stations and grease traps. May also be used to chemically open drains in sinks, toilets and tubs.Contains Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Nitrite for metal pipe protection that make a low suds mixture to break up the greasiest build-up. Schools, municipalities, food processing plants, packing houses, commercial kitchens and more use a product like this. Will break up hair, fats, oils, greases, paper and animal parts, including chicken feathers, especially in large drains and sewer lines. When using, add cool to warm water first, then add about a pound for every gallon of water and follow behind with an equal amount of water. This method will generate a lot of heat and can cause dangerous responses. Cover or close the pipe and stay clear for 30 to 60 minutes, allowing time for the product to work. Be very careful when adding to standing water.

This product is hazardous accordingly to DOT regulations, hazardous shipping charges will apply to your order.

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