Rip Tide

Our extra heavy-duty, purple, automotive and industrial water-based cleaner and degreaser. Outstanding performance is enhanced by Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Metasilicate, both outstanding alkaline builders and Butyl for superior grease-dissolving abilities. In addition to removal of greasy and oily soils of the toughest nature, it will remove carbon deposits as well. Do not use on aluminum, magnesium and other soft metals as damage is possible. One special benefit of RIPTIDE is positive emulsion. This feature eliminates the redepositing of soils on an already cleaned surface. Dilutions range from 1 to 3 to as great as 1 to 100 parts water. A good starting point would be 1 to 20 parts water and adjust. Concrete floors, machinery, engines (be aware of possible paint removal), difficult oilfield operations and more are candidates for the power of this moderate foaming concentrate.

This product is hazardous accordingly to DOT regulations, hazardous shipping charges will apply to your order.

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