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DIRECTIONS FOR USE Avoid contamination of feed and feedstuffs. Remove pets and birds and cover fish aquaria before space spraying or surface applications. Do not allow children or pets to contact treated areas until surfaces are dry. Not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, or for commercial seed production, or for research purposes. For use on plants intended for aesthetic purposes or climactic modification and being grown in ornamental gardens or parks, or on golf courses or lawns and grounds. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. INDOOR APPLICATION: Do not use in food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments, restaurants or other areas where food/feed is commercially prepared or processed. Do not use in serving areas while food is exposed or facility is in operation. Serving areas are areas where prepared foods are served such as dining rooms but excluding areas where foods may be prepared or held. In the home, all food processing surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use. Exposed food/feed should be covered or removed. Nonfood/feed areas are areas such as garbage rooms, lavatories, floor drains (to sewers), entries and vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, boiler rooms, garages, mop closets and storage (after canning or bottling). Vacate treated areas and ventilate before reoccupying. For maximum effectiveness, a combination of spot, surface treatment and fogging is recommended. Do not apply in classrooms while in use. Do not apply this product in occupied patient rooms or in any rooms/areas while occupied by patients; the elderly or infirm. Do not apply to institutions (including libraries, sports facilities, etc.,) in the immediate area when occupants are present. STOMP II is a Ready To Use duel insecticide for surface spraying and space spraying. SURFACE SPRAYING: TO CONTROL COCKROACHES, WATERBUGS, PALMETTO BUGS, SCORPIONS, MILLIPEDES, CENTIPEDES, SOWBUGS, PILLBUGS, ANTS, SILVERFISH, FIREBRATS, SPIDERS, CRICKETS, CLOVER MITES, CHEESE MITES, GRANARY WEEVILS, RICE WEEVILS, CONFUSED FLOUR BEETLES, RUST RED FLOUR BEETLES, DRUGSTORE BEETLES, MEAL WORMS, GRAIN MITES AND CADELLES: Direct the spray into hiding places, cracks and crevices, and behind shelves and drawers. For silverfish, spray bookcases. For ants, spray trails, nests and points of entry. TO CONTROL CARPET BEETLES: Spray edges of carpeting and under carpeting and rugs. Make localized application to floor and baseboards. Spray directly into cracks, crevices and infested areas of shelving. TO CONTROL BEDBUGS: Spray mattresses lightly, particularly around tufts and seams. Take beds apart and spray in all joints. Treat baseboards, molding and floors. Allow all treated articles to dry thoroughly before use. TO CONTROL FLEAS (ADULTS AND LARVAE) AND TICKS, INCLUDING TICKS WHICH MAY CARRY LYME DISEASE (ADULTS AND LARVAE): Thoroughly spray infested areas, pet beds, resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along and behind baseboards, moldings, window and door frames, and entire areas of floor and floor covering. Fresh bedding should be placed in animal quarters following treatment. Allow to dry thoroughly before allowing pets to contact treated areas. TO CONTROL CLOTHES MOTHS: Remove any infested articles from storage, brush thoroughly, and air for several hours in sunlight, if possible. Apply spray liberally to empty chests, closets, bureaus and other storage, directing the spray into cracks, joints and crevices. After airing, infested articles may be treated lightly, keeping nozzle at least three feet from fabric to avoid staining. TO KILL LICE AND LOUSE EGGS Spray in an inconspicuous area to test for possible staining or discoloration. Inspect again after drying, then proceed to spray entire area to be treated. Spray from a distance of 8 to 10 inches. Treat only those garments and parts of bedding, including mattresses and furniture that cannot be either laundered or dry cleaned. Allow all treated articles to dry thoroughly before use. SPACE SPRAYING: Close doors and windows and shut off ventilating systems. Apply with a good machine adjusted to deliver a fine mist or fog. For rapid control of House Flies, Fruit Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes, Skipper Flies, Wasps, Hornets, Bees, Black Flies, Angoumois Grain Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Indian Meal Moths and Tobacco Moths: Direct spray at an upward angle, distributing it uniformly throughout the entire area at a rate of 1 ounce per 1000 cubic feet of space. Keep area closed for 2 hours. Ventilate before reoccupying. FOGGING: To kill exposed or accessible stages of the above named crawling insects, use at rate of 1 gallon to 20,000 to 40,000 cubic feet of space. Contact insects directly when possible. Keep area closed for 2 hours. Ventilate before reoccupying. ON LIVESTOCK: To protect cattle (beef and dairy), goats, sheep, hogs and horses from Horn Flies, Face Flies, House Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats: Apply a light mist sufficient to wet the surface of the hair. For face flies, spray face and head, but do not spray into eyes. TO CONTROL STABLE FLIES, HORSE FLIES AND DEER FLIES: Apply at a rate of 2 ounces per adult animal, sufficient to wet the hair thoroughly. TO CONTROL BLOOD-SUCKING LICE: Apply to the infested areas of the animal, using a stiff brush to get the spray to the base of the hair. Repeat every 3 weeks if required. TO CONTROL POULTRY LICE: Spray roosts, walls and nests or cages thoroughly. This should be followed by spraying over the birds with a fine mist. TO CONTROL BEDBUGS AND MITES IN POULTRY HOUSES: Spray crevices of roost poles, cracks in walls, and cracks in nests where the bedbugs and mites hide. ON DOGS: TO CONTROL FLEAS, TICKS, AND LICE: Start spraying at the tail, moving the dispenser rapidly and making sure that the animal's entire body is covered, including the legs and underbody. While spraying, fluff the hair so that the spray will penetrate to the skin. Make sure spray wets thoroughly, but do not saturate animal. Do not spray into eyes or face. Avoid contact with genitalia. Use protective gloves or mitts when applying product. NOTE: Do not use on puppies less than twelve (12) weeks old. Do not use on old, sick, debilitated, medicated, pregnant, or nursing animals. DO NOT USE ON CATS OR KITTENS. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately. OUTDOOR APPLICATION: TO CONTROL TICKS, INCLUDING TICKS WHICH MAY CARRY LYME DISEASE (PERIMETER TREATMENT): Use this product as a residual treatment to control Ticksincluding the Deer Tick (Ixodes dammini),Lone Star Tick(Amblyomma americanum),Brown Dog Tick(Rhipicephalus sanguineus),American Dog TickDermacentor variabilis, and Western Black-legged Tick(Ixodes pacificus). For each area listed below, apply until surface is wet but not to the point of runoff (approximately 1 gallon/750-1,000 sq ft). Treat around windows and doors, porches, screens, eaves, patios, garages, under stairways and in crawl spaces where these pests may enter. Treat a band of vegetation and leaf litter 6 to 10 feet wide around and the outside of buildings to help control ticks occurring there. To help control ticks in outdoor activity areas, treat a band of vegetation and leaf litter 6 to 10 feet wide and adjacent to activity areas, especially where dense vegetation occurs. FOR CONTROL OF GARDEN INSECTS: For use on roses, dahlias, asters and other ornamentals to kill Japanese Beetles hit by spray as well as Whiteflies, Aphids, Exposed Thrips, Spiders, Red Mites and Leafminers. May be used on plants as a multi-purpose spray in small gardens and for spot treatmens of incipient insect infestations to prevent spreading in large garden areas. May also be used on other plants such as African violets, asters, azaleas, begonias, camellias, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, dephiniums, dogwoods, English ivy, eunoymus, fuschia, geramiums, crassula, grape vines, Kentia palms, laurels, marigolds, rhododendrons, roses, rubber plants, snapdragons, stocks, wandering Jews and zinnias.EFFECTIVE WHEN USED AS DIRECTED AGAINST WHITEFLIES, APHIDS, SPIDER AND RED MITES, EXPOSED THRIPS, LACE BUGS, JAPANESE BEETLES, PAVEMENT ANTS, CLOVER MITES AND ARMYWORMS: When spraying plants, do not operate closer than 18 inches. Use sweeping motion. Be cautious about wetting tender foliage, young plants and new growth. Do not spray plants when temperatures exceed 90°F. Contact insects diretly whenever possible. Not for use in residentual automatic misting systems in New York State. ADULT MOSQUITO CONTROL: Apply as a fine mist to thoroughly treat the entire area. For best results, treat when the wind velocity does not exceed 5 miles per hour, but do not apply when wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour. Treat shrubbery or vegetation where mosquitoes may rest. Apply at a rate of 2.5 pints per acre (0.9 ounce per 1000 sq ft) Using truck mounted conventional misting (Ultra Low Volume or ULV) equipment traveling at 5 mph to treat a 300 foot swath, calibrate equipment to deliver 0.95 gallons per minute. Under no conditions should open water be treated with this product. Not to be used within 100 feet (30 meters) of lakes and streams.


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