Superduty Moly

SuperDuty Moly™ is formulated with a calcium sulfonate complex thickener coupled with high quality base oil to ensure superior performance. This grease has excellent inherent properties due to it’s CSC thickener, which provides exceptional lubricity, thermal stability, rust and corrosion protection, and water washout resistance. It is formulated with heavy duty ISO 460 viscosity base oil, to increase its load carrying performance. It is also fortified with with 5% molybedenum to meet the load carrying/shock loading and extreme pressure requirements of many construction and mining equipment manufacturers. SuperDuty Moly™ grease can be used for premium performance in heavy duty moly greasing applications accross all industries, it is particularly useful in heavy industries such as construction, hauling, mining, metals/steel. The calcium sulfonate thickening system also provides increased mechanical stability and shear stability typically offering extended regreasing intervals, thus reducing consumption.

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