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TOUCHLESS represents the newest technology in vehicle detergent formula. It brings new efficiency, new economy, and new cleaning brilliance to the maintenance of cars, buses, semis, panel trucks,and other heavy duty road vehicles.TOUCHLESS is an advanced "one step" detergent that does a superior cleaning job without the hassle, expense, or danger of the two step cleaning method. Special ingredients hold soil in suspension so it won't settle out on the surface before the job is finished and leave a film. It cuts through exterior grime and road film without dulling the finish and that's only the beginning of its many cost-efficient advantages. Check out these Exclusive Formula Features: - Special emulsifying detergent blend saves labor floats off vehicle road film without brushing. - Safe for exposed decals, aluminum alloys, Lexan,Plexiglass, enameled and lacquered surfaces, etc. - Exclusive water conditioning builder intensifies cleaning, rinsing even in the hardest water. - Corrosion inhibitor - Protects metal surfaces from corrosion.

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