Ultra Gloss

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Ultra-Gloss is a remarkable new metal cross linked floor finish. This complete product seals and finishes in one easy step. Especially suited for non-resilient floors, this product excels with use on terrazzo, quarry tile, brick, slate, Mexican Tile, concrete and other floors. Ultra-Gloss is also perfect for use on all resilient floors, including asphalt tile, ceramic tile, linoleum, rubber, sealed wood, vinyl and vinyl asbestos tile. This is an ideal product for use with a high speed burnishing machine of 1000 rpm or higher. The floor should be damp mopped with a suitable neutral cleaner and allowed to dry. The surface may then, as desired, be dry burnished with a high speed white or tan buffing pad, or using the same equipment, be spray buffed using an approved product. An alternative method, for insuring a long lasting durable surface, would be to apply an approved mop-on restorer, allow to dry and then follow the dry buffing procedure.

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