Wire Coat Aerosol

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Laboratory tested to withstand Salt Spray for 72 hours and Humidit y Cabinet for 60 days. Sprays as an instant foaming, deep penetrating liquid that flows inside intricate chains and cables where the greatest stress occurs. Provides a thick foam that clings to vertical surfaces. As foam breaks, lubricant penetrates into wire rope and roller chain mechanisms. Deposits a Molybdenum Disulfide based grease and provides surfaces with superior lubricating properties. Protects against high temperature and extreme pressure environments. Grease will not break down, fly off or wash away with water or steam. Retains lubricating properties under heavy shock load, acidic environments and salt spray. Protective lubricating film prevents surface oxidation and corrosion. USED BY: Industrial Facilities, Shipyards, Steel Mills, Aircraft Maintenance, Material Handling, Road Equipment, Construction, Mining, Containerized Shipping Companies. USE ON: Chains, Wire Cable, Open Gears, Sprockets, Chain Saws, Drag Lines, Power Drives, Fittings, Booms, Road and Construction Machinery, Hoists, Winches, Cranes, Material Handing Equipment, Tow Lines, Linkages and Roller Assemblies.

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