Work Out

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A powerful, waterless, hand cleaner with a citrus fragrance that contains no pumice or other scrubbers. Without petroleum distillates, the gentler formula helps reduce drying and irritation. Yet this unique product is strong enough to remove even the toughest soils without water. It wipes away readily without a water rinse using a paper towel or clean cloth wiper. Can also be rinsed with water leaving no residue. This thick orange gel is effective on tar, asphalt, paint, carbon, grease, adhesives, printer’s ink, varnishes and shellacs. Apply this self-emulsifying cleanser to dry hands and either wipe clean or rinse thoroughly. Newspapers, wood factories, paint shops, industrial manufacturers, auto and truck repair shops and more love this product. It is the same hard-working formula as Orange Grip but without the pumice scrubbers.

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