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Fleet-200 is the second step in a two-step cleaning system designed to be used with the Wechem two-step, cold water,high-pressure washer. This system was designed to clean heavy-duty equipment and over-the-road trucking equipment,such as truck trailers. When used as directed, this system is the most efficient cleaning system available today.Tt will remove heavy soils (incuding carbon stack stains)from diesel exhaust and it tackles the hard to remove magnetic road film on painted surfaces. In addition, Fleet-200 can be used thhrough pressure cleaning equipment for general cleaning and degreasing of many types of equipment,trucks, cars, buses, etc. Fleet-200 is safe for use on glass,plastic and polished or anodized aluminum surfaces. TO BE USED ONLY THROUGH A TWO-PART CLEANING SYSTEM WITH FLEET 100.

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