Phase Out

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PHASE OUT is a heavy-duty industrial cleaning concentrate for maintenance and turn-around applications in Oil Refineries. PHASE OUT is designed to reduce and eliminate levels of benzenes, hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric iron in refinery and refining vessels, tanks and process loops. This one-step decontamination chemistry degasses and degreases at the same time. When PHASE OUT is mixed with water this two-phase molecule system mixes with the hydrocarbon contamination keeping it in a micro-emulsion solution eliminating re-deposition. Keeping the hydrocarbon suspended in the water side of the chemistry produces superior cleaning and degassing. As the cleaning process continues a loading process is implemented where PHASE OUT continues to absorb more hydrocarbons keeping them in suspension for faster and more efficient degassing and degreasing. To effectively break the emulsion of the spent cleaning solution, PHASE OUT will naturally phase separate on its own. To enhance or speed the procedure, Sodium Chloride can be added to quickly break the emulsion process.

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