Wash and Wax

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The ultimate car washing compound that contains an advanced wax-like polymer that leaves vehicles clean and shiny in one step. Apply with sponge, cloth soft brush for manual cleaning of cars and trucks. In addition to weatherproofing your car’s finish, it leaves a gloss that offers protection to your car’s finish. The formulation is blue in color with a light citrus fragrance and is safe on almost any finish. Special rinse additives speed drying and help eliminate potential spotting. Vehicle should be dried either mechanically or by hand after washing for optimum results. Dilutions: 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of water depending on the degree of soil. Corporate fleet operators, car dealerships, mobile detailers and boat dealers appreciate the advantages of an all-in-one product. Dilutions range up to 1 to 100 parts water for utmost economy.

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